"Hi, my name is Zach!

I play a variety of games, on PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Wii U. I tend to lean towards RPGs a majority of the time. My goal is to grow a small community of gamers who just like to relax, be themselves, and maybe play games together. Everyone is welcome to come and hang out! Join the Nest!"

The Man. The Myth. The Owl. 

Oculus is rare breed. Funny- Check. Entertaining- Absolutly. Handsome- Does a bear poo in the woods? Basically the Hero of Hyrule, Oculus uses his cunning and reflexes to crush the variety of titles he plays (Master Mode in Breath of the Wild? More like Oculus Mode) while using his positivity and warm spirit to entertain and engage the masses. Always welcoming new members into the Nest,  pop by and let Oculus fill your night with some slick gameplay, sweet sound effects and a whole lot of laughs.  #Hooty4daBooty