"I am an Irish, hyper, crazy lady with a passion for gaming, makeup and cosplay! My goal as a Streamer is to build a safe space for anyone to join and to feel comfortable to be themselves. I love making people smile and laugh and if I can make a positive impact on your day, then I'm doing my job right! I love meeting new people and my community is my family. Everyone and anyone is welcome!"

When the Celtic Gods were trying to decide which of humans best qualities they should toss into this vessel, they just said "Screw it. Toss em all in." Historical Text. You can check it. Jordee is a variety streamer from Ireland who is in the business of making people laugh and smile. Whether she's entertaining the Kai Kommuntiy on Twitch and Mixer or showing new and beautiful ways to style yourself and your make up on Youtube, Jordee is always putting out content that is not only enjoyable and fun but leaves you wanting to come back for more. Welcoming to any and all, stop by her stream and have a few laughs or connect with her on any of her various platforms! GWANNN!