"Ahoy Mateys!

CapnYoungs here! Welcome aboard the ship. I play mostly RPGs and MMOs with the occasional FPS thrown in for kicks, and I play them on the PS4 or PC. I hope to build a community that anyone and everyone can come and have a good time and feel safe to just be themselves, so come join the Crew and let’s have some fun sailing the high seas together!"

Calling all swashbucklers! If you're lookin' for some quality content delivered to you by a guy with a freakin' incredible beard and a personality that's impossible not to love then this is your guy. CapnYoungs brings you RPG and MMO game play in his own signature way while engaging with the community and keeping them laughing. Not to mention he does all this in his off time of his most important job- Being a single Dad! Legend. Being a father you know he's willing to do anything for his kids, just like his community...even if it means pretty pink princess tea parties. All aboard, friends- you'll be glad you set sail.