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We are Legion

At Legion Gaming, we pride ourselves on delivering quality content on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Our Stream Team is committed to providing entertainment that is fresh, engaging and above all else FUN!

For We are Many

Our community is the most important thing to us, without them we'd have nothing! Welcoming to any and everyone, we encourage you to join in the conversation and good times to be had in all of our streams while also offering Loyalty Rewards in the form of Free Subscriptions, Give-Aways and Discounts on your favorite gear!

Far Reaching Promotion

With our Streamers and community being spread all around the world, we are able to spread the good word of the products and services you use daily. For advertising and sponsorship inquiries, please email us at LegionGamingMedia@gmail.com

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We love getting feedback from our community, so please reach out with any questions, thoughts or suggestions!